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Willow Earth

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Doves have the uncanny ability of being able to detect minute pressure changes and the movement of water in our enviroment.I ultilize these abilities in my readings.To give you a simple and brief explanation....I will give you different key words; an animal,plant and other things found in nature.Your body will respond to certain 'key' words more than others.This is what the doves will pick up on,the pressure changes and water flow in the body.The human body is made up of over 90% water and this is what enables doves to be able to detect reactions in us.Doves will coo when a rain storm is approching,I personally think they have a much better 'track record' than the Weather Channel ! I will usually be able to bring thru relatives,friends and even pets who have passed on.Many times I feel an 'advanced' warning of things that may be coming our way as well as some things we may have done in our past,as well as what others may have done that can impact our choice of a path as we move from our present to our future.These are not a fortune reading,they are a spiritual reading for your life; be it past,present or future.The doves and I try to help people choose the 'right path' for their journey thru life.This is knowledge which I believe GOD and my Native American ancestors have passed on to me to help others.


On a vision walk you will travel into the woods with me to find and observe the many things in nature that call to us... to give us a sign,guidance or a message to apply to our life path.My ancestors beleived the animals and nature had great knowledge that was meant to be shared with humans.After our trip thru the forest I will take you to an old Indian Medicine Wheel to 'interpet' these messages for you.This is your own personal journey of learning who your guides are as well as many other lessons.This is then followed up with a reading.The vision walk readings are a spiritual eye opener of sorts !


These are available for those who are not able to see me in person.You wiil need to send me a few strands of hair so the doves can pick-up your energy.Please call me for more details.


I also do home parties <> Great when you don't have the time or want to travel to come see me...I'll come see you ! Ask for details on having your own party !

For legal purposes I should add that these 'spiritual animal readings' are done for the sole purpose of education and entertainment only.
As it has been deemed that no one can predict future events.