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Willow Earth

AUG 13 ~Metaphyiscal Center of NJ

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 Sat. Aug. 13, Through the Eyes of a Dove a Vision Speaks with Willow Earth.
Ramapo College, Anisfield School of Business, Lecture Hall #135
willow               7:30-10 PM                                               
Willow will talk about how she uses her doves to help educate and inpire people. She will be giving demonstrations of how she and her doves encourage emotional healing. You will also experience a guided meditation to help connect with your loved ones and invoke spiritual protection. She will include a spirit gathering to bring in loved ones and angels.

Willow Earth’s many amazing spiritual gifts have been used to share knowledge as a powerful teacher and psychic. She is a presenter who moves her audiences profoundly. She has also worked with the police, providing accurate information on several murder cases. Many articles have been written about her and she is currently preparing for a movie, based in part, on her life. Willow was raised on a ranch where she learned from the animals, the forest and her Native American father.