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The Kindred Spirits Fair
May 26 and May 27, 2007
at Mount Eden Retreat

     In 1991 an idea was born to create a festival for like minded people to return to the Garden of Eden. There, as the biblical story is told, our ancestors Eve and Adam occupied a verdant paradise, where everything they needed was available for their pleasure and enjoyment. There was an atmosphere of innocence and wonder, of laughter and play, of beauty and love and shared Oneness. That is how the Kindred Spirits Fair was envisioned.

     Over the years, 14 Kindred Spirit Fairs have attracted thousands of joyous attendees, who came to celebrate Life with each other. Holistic and Metaphysical interests have been served by knowledgeable and interesting speakers and interactive workshops. New Age music, inspirational singers, sacred dance, chi kung and Tai Chi are activities that are available for joining in. The 191 flags ceremony of the World Peace Prayer Society around the peace pole, brings a large group to join in one voice and spirit to envision Peace in every country in the world.

     A Kindred Kids program for kids from 6-12 demonstrates some of the Holistic ideas such as Reiki, reflexology, yoga, auras, and there are also crafts project the kids can enjoy, as well as storytelling and music. The Healing Tent features free 15-20 minutes of healing sessions.  Spontaneous Spirit Spots are scattered around the area, and attendees are encouraged to share in small groups. There are arts and crafts, and many vendors cater to those who come to this New Age bazaar where many wonderful things tempt the eye. Free booths are offered for non-profit groups, churches, and organizations to promote their activities. Saturday after 6:00 PM, the Drum Circles begin, and everyone is encouraged to bring a drum and join in. Also, the Shamanic Fire Ceremony begins at 7:00 PM down by the pond.

     This incredibly colorful banquet for all the senses is co-created by many kindred spirits contributing their time, energy and ideas. The call is out to all who are excited by an opportunity to be a part of this celebratory event. Organizers and their assistants, vendors, holistic healers, healthy food vendors, speakers, musicians, performers, desktop publishers, and helpers for setting  up the festival and tearing it down, are all needed.  Accommodations and camping will be available for those who want to stay on the premises overnight. Contact: or by phone: 908-689-8345.

In Love, Light and peace,

Delane, Visionary Director